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No matter what people say, every window needs a curtain. Besides giving you privacy while protecting your belongings from the view of outsiders, curtains also serve to enhance the space, making it look like more finished. However, when it comes to buying and installing curtains, there are always so many options regarding the types of curtain rods, curtains, and valances available. If you ever found yourself wondering which type of you should buy or how height your curtains should hang, this guide is especially for you. Let’s start with the basics. Before you going on a shopping spree for curtains, look at your window and think about what kind of curtain you would like to have installed: a solid panel, a sheer panel, or a combination of both? How tall are the windows? Should the curtains be full length or half way? Those are the basic questions that will help you to narrow down your shopping options. When weighing your options, remember that the curtains and rods we’ve chosen below are just a few of the more popular options and combinations available, so don’t be afraid to try the combination that you think will best suit your space. 

How to Hang Curtains

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